Getting a Toller for a pet – Reasons for and against

A toller should not to be confused with a little Golden Retriever. Tollers are bright, extroverted, and affectionate but they are not for everyone. More than many other breeds tollers enjoy staying busy and will involve mental and physical investment. If you think one could be perfect for you, keep reading to find out why that might or might not be.

Reasons for getting a Toller

The ideal canine companion for fans of redheads.  Their beautiful coat is natural drip-dry and requires no upkeep so t hey’re ready to go after a quick rinse.

To engage the Toller, use food, toys, or anything else that moves. Most of them are keen to impress others. As a a breed they are very motivated to accomplish goals.

They have keen watch-dog abilitie. Their bark may be enough to scare a burglar away but  aren’t barky at other times.

Tollers will inform you of their needs. There is no room for doubt. They communicate with us in a variety of ways, including through their eyes, vocalisations, and body language.

Tollers were raised to hunt and the majority are born with a keen sense of smell. They generally have an instinct to hunt and recover birds. Some Tollers have a natural tendency to toll; they can even attract ducks to the shore. When properly taught, the Toller can be a valuable member of your hunting group.

They love to work and appreciate interaction. In almost every environment they will be your best friend.

They can really lift your mood. Tollers are full of vitality and zeal. You just have to share their excitement if they hurl a toy at you, then do a flying pounce and come bouncing back for another toss.

In general, Tollers are healthy dogs and there is testing available for their known health issues. Because the Toller community is so small, most breeders collaborate to produce healthy puppies.

The Toller is content to be wherever their family is — in the garden, hunting, watching a movie, and so on. In a matter of seconds, they can go from couch potato to bounding retriever. They enjoy new experiences and are simple to travel with.

Reasons against having one

Tollers have a coat that they shed seasonally and they enjoy swimming, jumping, and playing. They are not a dog for those who are sensitive or prone to allergies.

This is not the dog for you if you don’t want your cat chased. All of the chasing will be in good spirit, but it will almost certainly happen.

Strangers make Tollers nervous, and they won’t confront them. For that reason you can’t expect them to  protect you or your property.

Tollers have a deep scream that they use to express their enthusiasm and eagerness. This can seem like the dog is in pain to the untrained ear.

Tollers are a hunting dog breed that are bred to work. They have a fervent desire to work and will retrieve until your arm gives out.

Strangers are usually greeted warmly, but great enthusiasm is reserved for family and particular people.

Tollers are typically too intelligent to engage in open dominance fights. Instead, they look for power vacuums and take advantage of them. You will find that they may take advantage of this if you aren’t firm with them.

Tollers have a high level of physical and emotional sensitivity. When it comes to training, you must be cautious about how much pressure you put on them.

This is a dog with a lot of intelligence. They must be challenged and involved in their job, or they will become bored and cease to pay attention. It’s difficult to keep all that intelligence focused and occupied. Owners of Tollers must be willing to go through basic obedience training. The majority of them also participate in advanced training activities such as agility activites and flyball.

The Toller is a high-energy dog who requires a lot of physical and mental activity. A bored Toller with too much energy will seek another outlet for their rage, which is typically destructive.

Look elsewhere if you don’t have time to offer this breed at least an hour of exercise every day, including plenty of swimming and fetching.

If you still think the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is perfect for you and your family after reading all of this, move on to the next step: locating the right breeder and puppy for you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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